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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Someone ate the baby!

Mum: Where's the baby?

Dad: I don't know!

Mum: Didn't I give him to you?

Dad: No, I don't think so.

Sally: I think they ate the baby...

Mum and Dad: Who? Please tell us now!

Sally: The babysitter and her boyfriend

Mum: But they were so nice! How?

Sally: They boiled him like a bright red lobster! Then, they decided he wasn't...crispy enough! They put him on to roast!

Dad: Heavens help us!

Sally: There's not much we can do. The baby's been consumed!

Mum: We must sue them!

Dad: And lock them behind bars!

Sally: Haha! I fooled you! The baby's sleeping! And I think you are too!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Christmas Poem

Christmas is about spreading cheer,
To friends and family,
Far and near.

It's a special and wonderful day,
Celebrating the birth of Jesus,
Who lay in the hay.

He saved humankind,
The deaf, disabled,
And also blind.

He saved sinners,
And so we,
Eat Christmas dinners.

Our turkey and sprouts (that nobody likes),
Along with presents,
(Such as shiny red bikes).

It's Jesus we have to thank,
When we walk,
Along the river bank.

This is what Christmas is about. Thank you, Jesus Christ.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Sacred Chant

This tribe of ours,
This tribe of ours.
We are the free spirits.

We believe in Magic,
We believe in Magic.
We are the free spirits.

We live on the Island,
It belongs to us.
We do not fight intruders,
But we hate it when they come.

We have food,
We have shelter.
We are the free spirits.

We have homes,
We live in the trees.
We are the free spirits.

We have family,
We have friends.
We are the free spirits.

We live on the Island,
It belongs to us.
We do not fight intruders,
But we hate it when they come.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

River's Royalty - The Challenging Childhood (2)

There was a knock on the door. "Snowball...Snowball!" Snowball sighed and walked towards the door, then opened it. 9-year-old River was stomping her foot behind the door. She briskly walk past her brother and started rummaging around in his things. Snowball hesitated, confused. "Umm...and you are doing what, exactly?" Without turning round, River starts speaking. "Someone has STOLEN my colouring pencils, all 72 shades!" River announces dramatically. Snowball starts laughing. "It wasn't me...Mother took them away to be sharpened. I thought you knew!" River starts blushing. Trying to be dignified, River raised her head and walked out of the room. "I'm going to the river."

Sitting on the blanket, River stared at her river and trailed her hand in the water. Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice. "Guess who?" River turned around. "Aaron!" Aaron was her bestest friend in the whole wide world. She ran up to him and they hugged. "You're back!" said River. "Yes! And I got something for you." From his pocket, Aaron fished out a packet of seeds. "They're Cautleya seeds. They grow up to be flowers with bright yellow and deep red petals." "Thank you, so much! I shall plant them right away!" exclaimed River. River's collection of flowers along her river bank was rapidly growing. "I can ask Father to help you. They are rather difficult to plant, even I can't plant them!"

2 hours later, Snowflake came running down. "River, have you SEEN the time? You're 2 minutes late for Mrs Cambridge's ballet lesson. Me and Snowball have already  had our twin musical rehearsal. Mother's birthday is tomorrow!" River paused. "I'm so sorry! Bye, Aaron! I have to go!"
River arrived at Mrs Cambridge's lesson, out of breath. "Straighten up and breath properly. It is unladylike to be as you are now. It is also unladylike to be late. And you are 3 and a half minutes late." But River did not respond. She sat down. She felt very ill. She closed her eyes. "This is not the time! It's your mother's birthday tomorrow!" But River still did not hear her.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Why William Won the Battle of Hastings

There were many reasons why William won the Battle of Hastings:
  • He had a brave character and motivated his army by his courage. This meant that he was outgoing and his bravery scared the opposition. Also, he would not flee as he feared nothing.
  • William was determined and wouldn't give up. This meant that his army respected him. Also this meant that he was a great leader and a good example to his army.
  •  When William realised his army was in danger, he could think on the spot. This meant he had a good plan and tactics to lead his army to victory.
  • William was a skilful fighter and clearly trained regularly. Also he trained his army to make them good fighters too. This meant that he and his army would do well in war
  • He cared for his army, which pleased them. This meant that when they arrived at war, his side was well rested and fed, whereas the opposition was tired as they has fought a war before.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Written in blood

“See you, Mum!” shouted Chloe as she sauntered out of the house. She was going to her favourite place in the entire world: the Dolphin Swimming Pool. It didn’t cost anything to get in. Yet it was a dangerous place too. It was deserted.

Nobody knew about it, except Chloe and her parents. But even her parents didn’t know it wasn’t a normal pool. One month ago, Chloe heard a scream and raised voices. She had sprinted out of the pool and jogged to school. Several times after, it had happened again. But today was different.

Chloe slipped into the pool and froze. The voices. She heard them. But today was different. She felt a smooth hand on her shoulder. “Whose turn is it this year?” growled a terrifying murmur. Chloe turned. The air was silvery. She could see them. The ghosts. She ran. “Quick she’s getting away!”

Saturday, 10 May 2014

River's Royalty - The Beautiful Beginning (1)

She was finally born. Her siblings had been waiting for what seemed like forever. But finally she was here. Her name was Princess River and she had bright blue eyes just like the colour of her name. There was also a magical feel about her. The king and queen demanded that a mini river should be built in the garden and when River would be a child she would paddle and have fun in her very own stream. Princess Snowflake and Prince Snowball took great care of the new royal baby. They played with their sister and refused to let the nurse feed her. She was not neglected by their mother and father (as some would suspect, as Queen Summer and King Winter were very busy) who played with her and made endless stories up for her even though she didn't understand. The only thing the family avoided was changing River. Soon, a year had passed by and River was a toddler. But something the monarchs hadn't mentioned to the children was that there was an addition to the servants. A few months before River was born, the married gardener and maid had had a child of their own named Aaron.

One day, River was playing in the soft grass of the gardens. Snowflake and Snowball had gone to piano practice. The nurse had fallen asleep. A little boy about the same age as River came up to her. She giggled. The boy giggled. The children had only just learned to speak a little. The boy said "Hihi. Aaron me!" "Me River" said River. They held hands and River started walking. Aaron followed. they came to a small stream. Aaron recognised it. His father tended it. River recognised it too. It was her river! Aaron sat down and put his hands in the water. River copied. Their hands touched and Aaron grabbed hold of hers. They put their heads together. Even though they were only 1-year-olds, they both knew this friendship would last a very, very long time.